Your Therapy Roadmap

What brings you to therapy?

We start by exploring and understanding what bring you to therapy now - considering the background and what's preventing you from moving forward. Alongside your time in sessions, you can access tailored resources to help aide you in between sessions.

How can we best help you?

With your goals for therapy as our guide, you'll learn tailored tools and strategies to help you move forward at a pace that's right for you. You can take what you learn into your daily life in between sessions to build resilience and progress.

What happens after therapy ends?

You'll be supported to end therapy well. When you feel ready to finish therapy, you will leave knowing ways to build on your progress, how to support yourself if you have a set back, and have a plan for your next steps.

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More about who we work with

Communication & Connection

If you and your partner(s) are finding it hard to communicate effectively, notice you engage in unhelpful repeated patterns, feel disconnected to one another, or have something specific you want to talk through, therapy can help.

Therapy provides a neutral space, dedicated time to work through your difficulties together and learn effective tools for communication and connection.

Infidelity, Secrets & Trust Break Down

If there has been a break down in trust, secret keeping or an infidelity in your relationship, you may be seeking therapy to process this, and consider how you might move forward.

Therapy for trust break down provides a safe, neutral space, where you will be able to work through events that have come to light and their impact on you, and your relationship, at a pace that is right for you. It also provides space to consider together how you want to move forward, whether this is to repair the relationship, or to separate.

Cross-Roads & Decisions

If you are at a cross road in your relationship(s), considering how to move forward, or are facing a number of options and are finding it hard to decide which path to take, therapy can provide a neutral, non judgemental space to explore your options together.

You will be able to consider what is happening now, your shared and individual values, hopes and desires, what options are available, and how you want to move forward.

Relationship Enhancement

If you are generally content in you relationship, but seeking to enhance either a certain area, or the overarching shared connection within your relationship, therapy for Relationship Enhancement can help.

Therapy focuses on strengthening the parts of your relationship that are going well, considering aspects that may have been forgotten over time, enhancing connection, communication and intimacy, and considering your shared and individual values, goals and next chapter together.

New Chapter / Commitment

If you have recently entered, or are about to enter, a new commitment with your partner(s) (such as moving in together, opening up/closing down your relationship, entering into civil partnership/marriage), therapy can help you start this next chapter with clarity and connection.

Therapy provides a neutral and supportive space to talk about what your new commitment means to you, what you anticipate (both in terms of gain and loss), and any worries you have.

You can consider your individual and relationship values and goals, think ahead about how you will support your relationship, and learn tools for communication and connection.

Gender, Sexuality & Relationship Diversity

If you are seeking an inclusive, affirmative space to talk about your relationship(s), working with a GSRD informed therapist can help.

Therapy provides a respectful, accepting, affirmative space to explore your relationship(s), any struggles you have and / or hopes for the future.

If your relationship(s) is/are impacted by minority stress, discrimination and stigma, societal messages and/or internalised shame, therapy can also provide a safe space to work through these together at a pace that is right for you.