Your Therapy Roadmap

What brings you to therapy?

We start by exploring and understanding what bring you to therapy now - considering the background and what's preventing you from moving forward. Alongside your time in sessions, you can access tailored resources to help aide you in between sessions.

How can we best help you?

With your goals for therapy as our guide, you'll learn tailored tools and strategies to help you move forward at a pace that's right for you. You can take what you learn into your daily life in between sessions to build resilience and progress.

What happens after therapy ends?

You'll be supported to end therapy well. When you feel ready to finish therapy, you will leave knowing ways to build on your progress, how to support yourself if you have a set back, and have a plan for your next steps.

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More about who we work with

Impact of Covid-19: Anxiety, Low Mood, Stress & Loss

If you are struggling with the impact of Covid-19 you may notice you are feeling increased levels of: stress, anxiety, low mood, and/or loneliness. During this time of loss and uncertainty, you be struggling in your relationships, finding it hard to concentrate and/or keep adapting to the changes required of you.

Therapy can provide a space to process these experiences, your emotions and struggles, and consider tailored ways to support you moving forward during this continued time of uncertainty.

Low Self Esteem & Self Doubt

If you are struggling with feelings of low self esteem or self doubt, you may notice you feel critical of yourself, anxious, low, and feel stuck in patterns of behaviours that aren't supporting you to move forward in ways that matter to you.

Therapy provides a dedicated space where you can bring your struggles, considering how to move forward as well as why you are feeling as you currently do. You have the opportunity to move through your experiences at a pace that is right for you, as well as learn tools that will help build your resilience as you move forwards improved wellbeing and confidence.

Co-dependent Interpersonal Relationships

If you notice that you feel co-dependent in your relationships with others, you may feel that you feel you need to put your energy into helping others above your own needs; or conversely, that you need the help of others to survive. You may feel that you don't have a clear self identity, and feel you 'get lost' in the identity of others around you.

Therapy for co-dependent relationships can provide a safe, non judgmental space where you can explore your struggles at a pace that is right for you, begin to both understand your difficulties, as well as move forward towards freedom to know yourself and your needs, and consider different ways to be in relationship with others.

Adult Ex-Boarders / Partners of Ex-Boarders

If you attended boarding school as a child, you may be seeking therapy to help with your childhood experiences, or the impact on your adult relationships now.

Specialist Therapy for Ex-Boarders takes into account 'boarding school syndrome', trauma, survival and abandonment (amongst other aspects). It provides dedicated time to consider the impact of your childhood experiences, then and now, and consider how you can move forward.

If you are a Partner of an Ex-Boarder, you may be looking for a safe space to explore the impact on you and your relationship.


If you are seeking a safe, affirmative, informed therapy space, therapy dedicated to the LGBTQ+ community can help.

Therapy dedicated to the LGBTQ+ community may address experiences, such as: questioning / exploring your identity, the impact of minority stress on your mental health, the process of coming out and impact on your relationships and yourself, internalised shame & self acceptance, bullying, stigma & discrimination, relationships, and chemsex.

Therapy provides the space to move through your experiences at a pace that is right for you, considering ways to best support you moving forward.

Compulsive Sexual Behaviours

A new services is beginning from January 2021.

If you are struggling with CSB, and would like to find out more about how a psycho-sexological, holistic and humanistic approach can help, please feel free to contact us to find out more.