Dr Susannah Grant

HCPC Registered Practitioner Psychologist, BPS Chartered Counselling Psychologist, Couples & Relationship Therapist

Brief Bio

I have offered psychological therapy to adults with a range of mental health challenges within primary and secondary care NHS mental health settings, as well as hospital health care settings with adults experiencing physical health difficulties. In the private sector, I have worked for clinics and practices where much of my work focused on improving the way clients related to themselves and other people they were in relationship with. Always interested in the ways psychology can be taken outside the clinic room, I have presented psychology related topics in a variety of settings.

Prior to completing my doctoral training, I worked in the City for a management consultancy focusing on employee wellbeing and best practices; and my experience within the personal development field spans over 20 years. I have a long held interest in yoga therapy for mental and emotional wellness, expressive therapy models (movement, art and music) delivered in community settings, and ecotherapy.

How I work

I draw on a number of different therapeutic models to best fit the needs of the clients I work with (such as ACT, CBT, existential & schema-informed therapy). As a GSRD (gender, sexuality & relationship diversity) informed practitioner, my practice is inclusive, and based on the principle that no gender, sexuality or relationship is better, more valid, or preferable than another.


DPsych Professional Doctorate in Counselling Psychology; BSc (Hons) Psychology

CPD (examples include)

Individuals: Schema Therapy Training (Schema Associates London; Jeffery Young); CBT Training (Christine Padesky); Teaching Clients Mindfulness Skills (BPS), Gender, Sexuality, Relationship Diversity (CICS; Pink Therapy; NAOS), Existential Therapy (City University)

Couples & Relationships: Couples & Relationship Training (NAOS Institute), Developmental Model (Couples Institute, New York)

Coaching: Coaching in the workplace with ACT (City University); Creativity in Coaching (Association of Coaching); People on Purpose Mentoring (Kiaros Foundation)

Presentations (examples include)

'The importance of empathy when consulting patients' to junior medical doctors, 'How to engage Milenials (Gen Y) in the workplace' to business leaders, 'The use of CBT within the context of physical health diagnoses' to parents, and 'Considerations for Couples Therapists when working with Ex-Boarders & Partners' to counselling professionals.

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Fees & Terms

Payment is made via bank transfer, and a minimum of 48 hours is required for cancellations. Cancellations with less than 48 hours' notice are fully chargeable. The Online Practice is open on Monday, Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday. Registered with Cigna, WPA and AXA (please check your insurance details for any excess, policy changes etc).


£125/ 50 minute session


£150/ 50 minute session


£95/ 50 minute session